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When it comes to border-crossing music, Bruckner's Unlimited (Austria's most wanted export) has re-invented itself again! Since April, Marcus Wall (from Anton Bruckner's neighborhood St.Florian) has brought virtuosic violin sounds into the intellectual and highly-dynamic play for the top musicians of frontman Charly Schmid. At a ten-year anniversary concert at KIK-Ried the violinist enriched the complex play structures and post-modern compositions of Roland Keil (the band mastermind) in a breath taking manner.



... As a creative sound conglomeration, the upper Austrian group Bruckner's Unlimited presented themselves in Hallein-Ziegelstadl. An audible readiness plundered into musical landscapes and fused into sound collages! Only for a couple of reflecting moments, the violinist's playing was as sweet as licorice and the drum pounded in a latin-american pulse. The bass and electric guitar answered easy listening tendencies with a rhythmical storm that was waiting for the upcoming kill! Maybe Glenn Miller would have felt like this after seeing a Van Halen concert. Jazz, rock, metal, classic and country music flowed together within the Bruckner's Unlimited in such a fermenting brew ...

(Tennegauer Nachrichten)

Bruckner's Unlimited - Extended Version:

The music: As always an impetuous journey through the quotation self-service supermarket, these different sections provide you with a lot of surprises. Dense ensemble parts alternate with lyrical and energetic solos, however after the span of 20 minutes the shop closes down, a little too early for me. Nonetheless, take a shopping cart!

(schu, Concerto)

... Bruckner's Unlimited is an experience as if Monty Python, Eric Satie and John Zorn would have created a common project with Roy Lichtenstein acting as a godfather. You never know in which way some things happen or how they happen. You'll have the impression that you are being constantly confronted with well known material, yet you are not. Quotes from the all encompassing musical history including folk, punk, minimalism, funk, blues and free jazz, which is often polyrhythmic and sometimes viewed as normal, but unexpected rests and surprising riffs break this pattern of normalcy. This performance is a kaleidoscope of interestingly arranged comic strips transcribed to music, which are commentated with dry humor. The result is: no satire, no furious destroying of conventions but joking on a niveau level ...

(Wolfgang Lamprecht, Jazzkritiker Wien)

... they not only demonstrate dramatic entertainment with their 13 member project but also with the musical evidence on how a musical innovation and a musical crossover between hardcore and minimalism can be if you work with a conceptual basis ...

(Salzburger Nachrichten)

... from the department of Jazz and lightheartedness comes the strongest statement of Bruckner's Unlimited with their "Drittbesten (Third Best)" ...

(Salzburger Nachrichten)

...The evening ended with a powerful appearance by the Austrian alternative-jazzband, Bruckner's Unlimited, which played all forms of jazz and at the same time induced absurd wishes and thoughts from the audience for abstract dances....

(Moscow / Aleksander Kulisch 1994)

...All of them have a bit of an actor in them that gives the concert A touch of irony and the sense of it being a spectacle ... For jealous fans, who need a clear direction, this band is a tease: you'll find all styles from the 20th century. They are highly professional and play with well thought-out balance.

(Moscow - The Evening Club / Arkadij Petrov)

... They probably made their national breakthrough with their Sunday Wiesen (Austria) appearance. Musical pieces with different styles are quoted and brought together. Especially in the improvisation, there is still room for contemporary sounds with verbal and musical humor ... ...

(Jazz Podium-Germany October)

...the Upper-Austrian formation "Bruckner's Unlimited" introduced themselves for the first time in Wiesen, Austria. The appearance was celebrated with a standing ovation. With a lot of fantasy and humor, the sextet cuts through the stylistic jungle and demonstrated pioneer-sense with a fine artistic.

(Jazz Pub News - Austria)


1. NOV 2012

Back On Stage

After more than ten years of breaking through the Austrian music scene, just in time for the new millennium, the "Bruckner’s Unlimited" took a timeout. After one decade – for about two years – they now continue to work on their joint project. The new CD "Bruckner's Fünftbeste - Jazzmussweg" is already released – now it is time to present the new project live on ... ...
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Bruckner's Beste - 1989

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Bruckner's Zweitbeste - 1992

Humpel zwei / Babysitter / P.I.T. / Purtrattl play | download

Torquato #1 / Kleines Dillo / Torquato #2 play | download

How Are You Mrs. Smiss play | download


Bruckner's Drittbeste - 1995

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Some Tales (Feat. Grigor Kirov - Voc) play | download

Bruckner's Viertbeste 

Extended Version - 1997

(The Day of Albert) Dittlmayr play | download

Laboliep play | download



Half Hemd / Walz From Hell / Just French play | download

Recent Call play | download

Retiendo (Free Improvisation) play | download


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